Mary Tesla and Senior Girl Scout Troop 38305 received a 2019 grant  to install a rain garden at Wasson Field to reduce runoff from the ballfield.

Renee Mercaldo-Allen from NOAA Fisheries received a grant in 2018 for a data logger. Milford student Max Mauro used the instrument to monitor environmental water conditions in Long Island Sound for a project he worked on as an intern with the Milford National Marine Fisheries Laboratory studying Black Sea Bass.

Suzanne Harrison-Thomas, Children’s Librarian at the Milford Public Library received a 2015 grant to purchase children’s books about coastal ecosystems and wildlife. The books, which included these title:  Biodiversity of Coasts, Day in the Salt Marsh, Examining Tide Pool Habitats, Hermit Crabs, Marvels in the Muck, Kids Bird Guide of North America (Nat'l Geo.), Ospreys, Tide Pools, Wetlands Inside Out, improve the library's capacity to help educate Milford children about the wonders of their natural environment.

Milford environmental steward, Alice Garlock, received a grant  in 2018 for supplies and equipment to conduct clean-ups of local areas to remove trash and debris from our local water ways. She and her team of volunteers have conducted several successful clean-ups and are planning for more.

Mary Tesla and Senior Girls Scout Troop 38305 used a MEPI grant in 2015 to purchase native plants for a restoration project at Wilcox Park – a Milford habitat home to many migrating and year round resident birds, and other wildlife. The scouts and their leaders, Mary Tesla and Diana Roberts, pulled invasive plants from the restoration area and then planted Black-eyed Susan, Anise Hyssop, Wild Bee balm, Hardy Mistflower and Coneflowers. The scouts plan to continue taking care of the area each year during Milford’s Earth Day celebration.

Carol Dunn, local Osprey expert and volunteer nest monitor since 1993 a
received a grant in 2019 to install three new monofilament fishing line collection bins to reduce expose of fishing line to birds and other wildlife. With a 2017 grant, Carol also replaced bottom plugs to repair existing monofilament recycling bins. 

Christine Bouchard and Environmental Law Club students at Jonathan Law High School received a grant in 2019 to plant a pollinator garden in the circle surrounding the flagpole. Pollinator gardens attract and support pollinator species such as butterflies, bees and other flying/nonflying insects, all of which are an important part of every ecosystem,  Members of the club concerned about the diminishing populations of pollinator species we hope to increase the populations and biodiversity of our local pollinators through the garden. The club will also educate other students about the role of pollinators in our ecosystems.

The CT Audubon Coastal Center at Milford Point was awarded a grant in 2019 for a new laptop computer to be used for educational programs that serve youth and the community in Milford and beyond.

Green Halloween. MEPI was proud to support this 2018 city-wide campaign to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags with a grant to Karen Fortunati and Julie Nash. The grant supported the purchase of reusable shopping bags that were distributed by supermarkets throughout Milford. 

Recent MEPI Grant Projects

Mary Tesla received a grant in 2018 for her Girl Scout Troop to plant shrubs
that produce seeds and berries for overwintering birds at the CT Audubon
Milford Point Coastal Center. The Regional Water Authority donated rain barrels to the Center for watering the garden!

In the spring of 2015, MEPI and the Milford Library sponsored a presentation on horseshoe crabs by a graduate student from Sacred Heart University who is participating in research about horseshoe crabs' lifecycle and migration patterns, and threats to their populations. The research involves monitoring and tagging horseshoe crabs at Milford Point and other coastal locations. More than 50 people attended who expressed interest in learning more. Their interest led the the grant to the children's library described below. 

In 2018 Carlyne Labrecque and Marylin May used a MEPI grant to help Milford Girl Scouts  “beautify” the Veterans Memorial Gazebo at the Milford boat ramp with garden plantings!

Cheryl Cappiali, an environmentalist and Milford Garden Club member applied for and received a 2017 MEPI grant on behalf of the Garden Club and the Milford Conservation Commission to install 30 nest boxes for Eastern Bluebird in bluebird-suitable habitats across Milford. The nest boxes were built by Milford residents Tom Barrell and Joe Romick using wood provided by the CT DEEP as part of their Bluebird Restoration Project. The boxes were installed by Tom Barrell and Steve Johnson, Milford's Open Space and Natural Resources Agent, with assistance from Milford Conservation Commissioner Oden Seaholm and others. The nest boxes will be monitored to record what species (hopefully bluebirds) nest there and cleaned and tidied up each fall for next year's birds.